Formed on the remains of the band Deep Sea Divers, Float emerged around the start of the new millenium. Discarding the traditional rock-band line-up from Deep Sea Divers, and aiming for a new approach with synths, drum machines and on-line effects, Float started recording direct-to-CD improvisations coming along in their minds. The 3 CD's featured on this website document the transition from almost raw direct-to-CD recording as on "3 become 1", to the more sophisticated remixes on "Further Investigation" with over-dubs, voices and added effects - but still based on "moments".

You can get your own impression of our work by listening through the samples on this website, lossless flac's of every released number. Hopefully they serve as an aperitif for further investigation...



Before DSD and FLOAT he played in the even more obscure bands Borderhouse, and Alternative 11. Main instruments: Keyboards, and voice. Writer of lyrics.


One of the founders of the Danish New Wave-scene has played in the following bands: Art in Disorder, Before, McVŠrk, Week 20/21, To Hoveder. Main instruments: keyboards, drum-machines, bass.


Played in different set-ups before DSD, among them the band Living Sign in the early 80's. Main instruments; keyboards. Bit of guitar when it suits him..


Yamaha AW2816 Harddisk Recorder, Philips CD Recorder, Boss DR-660, Yamaha EX-5, Yamaha AN1X, Korg Electribe ER-1, EA-1 & ES-1, Korg MS-20, Korg N5ex, Korg MS2000R, Korg M3R, Korg Kaoss Pad KP2, Roland S-10, Roland DJ-70, Akai SG-01 Vintage Synth Module, Alesis Nanopiano, EMU Esi2000 sampler, Fender Musicmaster Bass, Roland V-Bass, Portable Tape-player, Portable CD-player, and misc.